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Birthday Blossom Poly Silk Scarf March, Daffodil

Birthday Blossom Poly Silk Scarf March, Daffodil

$ 49.99

What am I going to give my mom for Mothers Day this year?

A lovely scarf displaying her unique Birthday Blossom™ is just the thing. A perfect gift for someone special. You could also give her your birthday blossom, so she will think of you every time she wears it.

Made from poly silk fabrics, these scarves are sure to make everyone feel as unique as their Blossom, even you!

Choose from our different fabrics;

  • Poly Chiffon
  • Poly Voile
  • Poly Oasis
  • Machine Wash, Cold Water, Gentle
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Domestic Arrival approx. 7 Days*

* Please note that we work with various 3rd party on-demand manufacturers to produce the gifts we offer. As a result, delivery times and carriers will vary by item, cannot be guaranteed and some items may arrive separately. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to shorten this time.

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