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Gina Margolies

I have been reading a lot about mindfulness lately, in magazine articles, the newspaper, blogs I follow, etc. Mindfulness is generally defined as the quality or state of being aware or conscious of something.  In plain language, one could say it means paying attention to or focusing on something.  Mindfulness is often mentioned as a way to bring calm and peace into ones life.  Sometimes it is suggested as an aid towards something like weight loss (mindfully focusing on what one is eating) or relationship building (mindful conversations).  I had my own experience with mindfulness this past weekend.  As part of the Birthday Blossoms team working on our fall photo shoot,

Birth Month Flower Marigold

I was assisting in setting up a fall tableau in which to showcase our Autumn Birthday Blossoms tote bags. The lush jewel tones of the mums, marigolds, and other flowers got my attention.  I had pleasant visions of crisp weather, apple picking, cuddling by the fire, and cozy sweaters.  For a few moments, I was really caught up in the color of those flowers and all they bring to mind.  I stopped worrying about camera angles and really stood back and looked at the bevy of flowers surrounding me.  Sitting at my desk now and reflecting, I can see how much enjoyment I got out of looking at those flowers and how much peace it brought to simply stop buzzing around for a minute and focus on the beauty right in front of me.  I never stop marveling at the messages and meanings flowers hold deep inside them, just waiting for us to focus on them long enough to discover.

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