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Cooking with edible flowers

Gina Margolies

Marigold, October's birth month flower, Birthday Blossom

Flowers are not only beautiful to view, they can also be eaten.  
Cooking with flowers can be traced back to ancient civilizations including the ancient Romans and various Asian cultures. Of course, the Victorians’ fascination with flowers included cooking with them.
Today, flowers can be a unique, fun way to experiment in the kitchen. Not all flowers are edible (and some are even toxic) but there is a long list of flowers which can be safely consumed. Autumn’s Birthday Blossoms, the marigold and the chrysanthemum, are just two of the options.
Marigold petals can have a somewhat peppery flavor similar to saffron. In fact, marigold is sometimes referred to as poor man’s saffron, as it is inexpensive relative to the popular spice. Like saffron, marigold can be added to soups and rice dishes.
Chrysanthemum, November's birth month flower, birthday blossom
Chrysanthemum petals can provide more of a tangy or slightly bitter flavor. The dried flower buds are used in tea, the blanched petals in salads and the leaves in stir fry dishes. Now you can have your flower and eat it too!

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